Brands are not alike

As early as 2017, Chanel filed an opposition against a Huawei logo based on its well-known CC logo. After an unsuccessful claim at the Board of Appeal, the fashion house was told once again, now by the General Court: those trademarks are not similar!


Just turn it

In an attempt to make their point, Chanel argued that the Huawei logo might be rotated 90 degrees suddenly whilst in use. And according to the French, the logo really does look alike then. But the Court didn’t buy it. In an opposition the comparison must be made only on the basis of orientation in which the mark is registered, irrespective of any possible rotation in their use on the market.

Chanel Huawei
Chanel is not allowed to rotate the logo to try to get more resemblance.


Fashion vs software

It seems a fair verdict to us. We don’t see any similarity either. The question remains why the French fashion house continued a four-year fight against a brand that doesn’t have a resemblance and, above all, is registered for computers and software.

Bas Kist