Saving on marketing costs

According to the trademark agency, the consumer will not confuse the trademarks but will undoubtedly link HelloFresh and Halal Fresh. Halal Fresh clearly chose their name to evoke the well-known HelloFresh, thus benefiting from the HelloFresh reputation and saving on marketing costs. That’s what the law calls taking unfair advantage, and it’s not allowed.

Halal Fresh

Also confusing

As far as I’m concerned, they could have enforced the risk of confusion argument at this point. The matter was about the HelloFresh wordmark and the Halal Fresh logo. The fact that the HelloFresh logo is a different design didn’t even matter. Sound-wise, HelloFresh and Halal Fresh are very similar. Anyway, HelloFresh wins the day without the ‘risk of confusion’ argument simply by using the reputation angle.

Bas Kist