Logo's pepsi
On the left is the current design on the right is the new logo


Pepsi began as Brad’s Drink

On the fineprintart.com website, you can read that Pepsi started as Brad’s Drink. In 1893, pharmacist Caleb Bradham developed a drink made from sugar, caramel and water, among other things. The concoction was sold under the brand name Brad’s Drink. In 1898, Bradham changed the name to Pepsi-Cola.

Pepsi Logo's

1906 and 1950

In the years that followed, the Pepsi logo was adjusted occasionally. Number 4, introduced in 1906, which saw the addition of the word ‘drink’, lasted the longest: it was not until 1940 that this logo was replaced by number 5. The design from 1950, with the bottle cap in red, white and blue, was created after World War II and influenced by the patriotic sentiments in the US.

Pepsi Logo 1906 & 1950
On the left is the logo from 1906 that lasted for 34 years, on the right the ‘patriotic’ 1950 logo.


Roll out

The rollout of the new logo, which was introduced on March 28th 2023, will begin in the US this year. The rest of the world will follow in 2024.

Pepsico logo's
Registrations filed by Pepsico in the US, filing date March 24th.


Pepsi trademark rights well protected

And of course, Pepsi secured the trademark rights of the new logo on time. On March 24th, 2023, the company applied for many registrations in the United States. Under international trademark law, you have – for a period of six months – the right to register the same trademarks worldwide, claiming the date of the first application. So, if Pepsi also files the trademarks in other countries before September 24th, 2023, the company may “carry over” (claim priority) the date of the application in the US for those registrations. Those registrations will also receive the priority date of March 24th, 2023. By following this procedure, Pepsi can’t be outsmarted by clever entrepreneurs who would quickly file the new Pepsi trademark elsewhere.

Bas Kist