Geographical origin Andorra

According to the General Court, consumers will perceive the Andorra trademark as an indication designating the geographical origin of the goods and services: Andorra tobacco will be seen as tobacco from Andorra and Andorra real estate advice relates to real estate from …. Andorra. Under trademark law, country names should not be given exclusively to a single organisation, even if that organisation is the government of the country concerned. Andorra lacks the distinctive character to be merit trademark registration.

Andorra kaart

Magic Potion

It’s no surprise that the Andorrans are the ones losing out here. Recently, Rome, Vienna, Madrid and the Alpe d’Huez trademarks suffered the same fate. Andorra vs the EU: it’s reminiscent of a certain small Gallic village that fought so bravely against the great Roman oppressor. The only difference is that unfortunately, they don’t have a magic potion in Andorra.

Bas Kist