Geweigerde merken

Pest control logo: the word and design elements are not distinctive.


Wordmark for a lawyer mainly offering online services. Rightly refused.

Old Dutch Premium Beer

An application for a beer logo, you’re never going to get exclusive rights for that.


Beware of flags. The trademark office refused this logo because it contained the Dutch flag. However small, a flag can often be the reason to reject a trademark registration.

Risk assessment

If there is a chance that a new trademark will be rejected due to the lack of distinctiveness, Chiever always discusses possible risks before costs are incurred. Sometimes this means we will advise against applying for registration, or we’ll advise adding a word or design elements to the trademark to become sufficiently distinctive and can therefore be registered. Based on our extensive experience, we can properly assess the distinctive character and the risk of a refusal. But to be honest, there are still surprising cases occasionally. After all, distinctiveness remains a subjective concept.

Bas Kist