Pacifiers and toilet paper

The Super League logo was registered on April the 16th for a massive list of products and services. In addition to obvious things like the sports events, sports equipment and clothing, the football league also requested brand protection for unusual products such as pizza cutters, baby pacifiers, toilet paper, ashtrays, electric socks (intriguing!) and dating services, to name just a few of the quirky ones. It looks like they don’t want to rule out any merchandise opportunities. But as it stands now, there won’t be any merchandise at all, and the football league can put the registration on ice.

Super League

Clash of arms

We don’t even know for sure if this brand would have reached the finish line unscathed. A look in the European register shows other claims to The Super League name, which would have led to some clashing of arms, no doubt.

Super League
On the left the registered logo of the rugby players, right is that of the gamer logo.


Rugby League

Norbert Graf from Germany owns a European word mark registration for the name European Super League, applied for in 2018. There is also an older trademark registration of a Super League logo in 2019 by the American organisation Super League Gaming Inc. What is very interesting is the Rugby Football League’s Super League logo, a 2017 European registration. That could have led to a riveting battle between footballers and rugby players.

A flop

Anyway, the whole Super League has turned out to be one big flop. The application for trademark registration will probably die a silent death, and electric socks with The Super League logo will become a collector’s item!

Bas Kist