The prize is all that’s missing

In an enthusiastic social media post, the ministry seems to be turning it into a contest of sorts: “We’d love to hear your suggestions and we will give the most creative and interesting entries to the Russian owner. Who knows, maybe you will become the author of the name of several hundred fast food restaurants in Russia. Go for it!’ The prize for the winner seems to be the only thing missing.


Cool-Cola, Fancy and Street

The Russian ministry has no need to hold a competition for Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta. After these brandes left Russia, a bright entrepreneur jumped into the gap. He markets look-alikes with the trademark names Cool-Cola, Fancy and Street. This is reported by Ukrainian lawyer Maksym Popov. The seller of the look-alikes claims that they “all have the same taste”.

Cool Cola
Foto Maksym Popov


Bas Kist

Source: Maksym Popov.