November 2019. Just over a year ago, we reported on the dispute between rapper Cardi B and a man with an enormous tiger tattoo on his back. In 2016, Cardi B used an image of the back in question – without permission – as part of a rather striking pose for the cover of her debut album Gangsta Bitch.

Not to be seen

The owner of the back, one Kevin Brophy, a ‘family man with small children’, was not amused and filed a lawsuit against the singer. Cardi B countered with a request that Brophy drop the case since his face wasn’t visible. Things went quiet for a bit, but now there’s been a new development.

Sex toy

At the end of August, the District Court in California rejected Cardi’s argument. It concluded that it couldn’t be ruled out that Brophy might be recognised by his tattoo, so the fact that his head wasn’t visible wasn’t decisive. Moreover, the fact that he was portrayed in the photograph as – to quote Brophy himself – Cardi B’s ‘sex toy’ could be construed as insulting. All in all, then, the lawsuit can proceed. Mr Brophy is demanding 5 million dollars. To be continued, inevitably!

‘Family man’ Brophy’s tattoo in fact extends to his ‘lower back’

Bas Kist