August 2018. Rapper and social media personality Cardi B has clashed in the United States with a man who has a huge tiger tattoo on his back.

Unusual pose

In 2016, Cardi B featured the heavily tattooed back of a man shown in a rather unusual pose on the cover of her debut album ‘Gangsta Bitch’. The back’s owner, Kevin Brophy Jr, who describes himself as a ‘family man with small children’, was not amused and instituted legal proceedings against her at a Court in California. Brophy claimed the singer had violated his privacy and right of publicity.

Bijschrift: The back of family man Kevin Brophy

Afro hairstyle

Cardi responded by dismissing the case as nonsense and claimed that the photo was of a different man, an individual with an Afro hairstyle. She added moreover that the album cover was not a commercial work but a form of art.