July 2017. On 26 June, global footwear and sports clothing manufacturer Nike filed an opposition to an application by American football star Rob Gronkowski to register his own silhouette as a trademark, claiming it would infringe its own Jumpman silhouette.

Michael Jordan

For years, Nike has invested huge amounts in its Jumpman trademark, i.e. the silhouette of basketballer Michael Jordan, which is used as a logo on all Jordan-branded sports items. Nike says a trademark based on the silhouette of Rob Gronkowski, a player for the New England Patriots, would be too similar to the Jumpman, creating a risk of confusion.

Also wears Nike

Interestingly, Gronkowski himself apparently wears Nike shoes and T-shirts, since Nike is clothing sponsor for the National Football League NFL. Gronkowski has been given until 5 August to respond to Nike’s objection.