April 2018. Volvo has failed in a bid to halt the European registration of the V-wheels logo as a trademark on the grounds that it is too similar to its own. In a ruling issued on 22 February, the European Trademark Office EUIPO dismissed Volvo’s opposition.

No similarity

According to EUIPO, the V-wheels trademark owned by Finnish car-maker Paalupaikko looks nothing like Volvo’s own logo. And despite the global familiarity of the Volvo trademark, EUIPO rejected any idea of an infringement.


Yet difficulties remain. The colour and shape of the V logo are nevertheless reminiscent of the Volvo trademark. What’s more, the similarity is no coincidence, since Paalupaikko clearly has a track record of deliberately freeloading on well-known car makes. For example, it previously tried (and failed) to register Forq and Volare as trademarks in Europe. The VW lookalike (left) was however granted a registration, like the V logo.