Trademark Registration Benelux

If your brand is primarily active in the Netherlands, then choosing local protection is obviously the best option. However, there is no Dutch trademark register, only a Benelux trademark register. So if you only use your brand in the Netherlands, you will need to register it as a Benelux trademark. Chiever is an expert in the field of trademark registrations in the Benelux. We not only handle the registration for you but can also advise you on the possibility of trademark research and monitoring.

Trademark search in the Benelux

We recommend conducting trademark search before registering your brand in the Benelux to see if you might encounter any problems. After all, if someone has already registered a similar trademark, it could be an obstacle to using your brand.

Merkonderzoek Benelux

Trademark Registration

To provide your brand with the best protection in the Benelux, we consult with you to understand how you use the brand and for which products. After that, we can advise you on the trademark registration.

Benelux Trademark Registration Procedure

Once we have filed a Benelux trademark application for your brand, the registration procedure begins. The trademark is published after approximately 1 month. Then, others (who claim to have older rights) have a period of 2 months to potentially object (opposition). If this does not occur, the trademark is registered, and you have protection for 10 years throughout the entire Benelux. A registration procedure without obstacles generally takes about 4-5 months.

Merkbescherming Benelux

How much does a Benelux trademark registration cost?

The cost of a trademark registration in the Benelux depends on the number of products and services for which you want to register the trademark. Generally, you can expect total costs to be somewhere around €800 – €900. With this, the trademark is protected for 10 years in the Benelux.

Trademark Monitoring

After the trademark is registered, it is important to monitor the trademark. Using advanced software, we check daily for new trademarks that resemble yours too closely. If this is the case, you will be alerted, allowing you to take timely action. We will advise you on the necessary steps to take and assist in addressing any infringement.

Merkbewaking Benelux
Trademark registration
Registering your brand in the Benelux?

Chiever ensures optimal protection of your brands in the Benelux and ensures that you can enter the market safely.

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