Trademark registration worldwide

Chiever has extensive experience in global trademark registration. We have the knowledge and experience to register trademarks in all countries of the world. Over decades, we have built up a valuable international network of trademark agents, enabling us to protect your trademark in any country in the world and, if necessary, research or monitor it.

Trademark Searching

Before registering your trademark in countries outside Europe, it is wise to conduct trademark searches to make sure there are no obstacles. If someone else has previously registered a similar mark in one of the relevant countries, they may potentially oppose the registration of a new, similar mark.

Trademark Registration Worldwide

Trademark registration

Together with you, Chiever will devise a registration strategy that will not only ensure that your trademark receives the most comprehensive protection internationally, but also that this is done in a very cost-efficient manner.


For trademark protection outside the EU, you will have to apply for registration for your trademark separately in each country. However, fortunately trademark law has an interesting procedure that makes registrations outside the EU easier. An international treaty allows you to “bundle” your registration applications. After you indicate in which countries you want protection, Chiever takes care of bundling all applications and submits them. The application then automatically splits to all designated countries. A separate registration process then begins in each country.

As with a European registration, companies owning prior rights in one or more of the designated countries are given the opportunity to potentially object (opposition). After that, the trademark is registered and you have protection for 10 years in that country.

Trademark Protection Worldwide

What does a global trademark registration cost?

The costs of a trademark registration outside Europe depends entirely on the number of countries where you want to register and the number of goods and services. We will be happy to advise you for a suitable registration strategy with a corresponding cost estimate. What is also important to know here: for SME companies it is possible to recieve subsidies for an international trademark registration, which can amount up to € 1,000. We are happy to provide you with more information.

Trademark watching

After trademark registration, it is also important to watch the trademark. Using advanced software, we scan all trademark registers worldwide on a daily basis for new trademarks that infringe on your rights. If a similar trademark is registered, we will notify you immediately. We will advise you on the steps to take and help you address the infringement.

Trademark Watching Worldwide
Trademark registration
Trademark registration worldwide

If you also use your trademark outside the European Union, then it is necessary to register your trademark in these countries outside the EU as well.

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