Unusual name

According to the European Trademark Office EUIPO, there is a risk of consumers confusing the brands Cristiano Ronaldo and Cristiano. This is partly due to Cristiano being distinctive in parts of Europe because it is an ‘uncommon’ name.


Trademark Cristiano Ronaldo

However, there is a slight downside to Ronaldo’s win. To get the broadest possible protection, the footballer had argued that the Cristiano Ronaldo trademark has a high degree of recognition. However, EUIPO disagrees.

Well-known underwear brand

According to the trademark office, the submitted evidence mainly shows that footballer Ronaldo is world-famous. That doesn’t mean the Cristiano Ronaldo trademark is. Evidence indicates that the Cristiano Ronaldo trademark only has a high degree of distinctiveness in relation to underwear, according to EUIPO. What a comedown.

Bas Kist