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Fancy a glacier as a drink?


A customer wanted to launch an iced drink in Europe with the name Gletscher (translated: glacier). Sounds nice and cold, and visually a name like that works well. However, the research budget was limited. Our advice was to at least do some preliminary investigation and it’s a good thing we did that check.

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The five most frequently asked questions about Brand Research

Is research into a trademark mandatory?
Research into older similar brands is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it. It can be very disheartening to find out that someone else has prior rights to a similar trademark at a later stage.
What kind of trademark research is possible?
Broadly speaking, there are two types: the Quick Scan, which is a search for (more or less) identical brands and a Full Search, which is an extensive search for identical and similar brands.
What is a Quick Scan?
A Quick Scan is an investigation into more or less identical brands. This will give you a very quick overview of the biggest obstacles. We can do a Quick Scan in any country in the world. We always have results and advice ready for you within 1-2 working days and costs are limited. It’s important to note that this is not the most comprehensive research. You can only get a complete picture of any plausible risks with a Full Search.
What is a Full Search?
A Full Search looks for identical and similar brands. This research digs much deeper than a QuickScan, which explains why it’s more time consuming and more expensive than a Quick Scan but also why it gives you a more complete picture.
Can I check a logo as well as a wordmark?
Yes, Chiever also researches logos or images. However, there is no Quick Scan available for this type of search. You will always have to do a Full Search, which is an extensive search for identical and similar brands.
Trademark Searching

Do you want to enter the market safely with your brand?

Are you introducing a new brand, and do you want to know of any risks? Then it’s advisable to conduct a trademark search. Send this form, and our legal team will contact you within 24 hours with information about the possibilities, the procedure and the costs.

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