Case Three Kings

Our client, Three Kings, a global leader in charcoal and incense, regularly deals with counterfeiting online. Chiever not only helped with the removal of the internet infringers but also tackled the source in India.

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Three Kings

The five most frequently asked questions about Brand monitoring

How does trademark watching work at Chiever?
We use advanced software to scan trademark registers for new brands that resemble your trademark. If a new brand is signalled, we will contact you immediately, including an estimation of your chances opposing a brand. Then we offer consultation about further action and inform you of costs. It’s up to you whether you want to take further action.
At another brand agency we always get piles of infringement alerts. How does Chiever deal with these?
Some agencies overwhelm their clients with infringement alerts. It’s a bit like checking the box ‘done’. We approach it differently because we always make a critical selection and really only contact you if further action is desirable or worth serious consideration. In which case, our message to you includes advice on opportunities and costs. This means you will not be inundated with useless surveillance notices.
Can I also have a logo protected?
Yes, monitoring is relevant to a word mark, an image or logo or a combination of both. Logo monitoring includes a weekly overview of new logos that are similar and have been submitted for registration requests.
Is brand monitoring mandatory?
No, brand monitoring is not mandatory, but we recommend it. If someone tries to register a similar trademark, the protected trademarks are only eligible for notification on time. At that moment you can try to stop the registration by issuing a warning to the applicant or by starting an administrative procedure called an opposition. If you don’t have brand monitoring you could miss the deadline for an opposition and the opportunity of having the similar brand removed from the register. Your only option left then is a court procedure which is more expensive, complex and time consuming than an administrative opposition procedure.
What is Online Brand Protection?
In addition to registry control, Chiever also offers Online Brand Protection. We detect and combat fraudulent online use of your brands on internet forums, social media or online marketplaces. We discuss the infringements found and take measures to have these infringements removed from the internet.
Trademark Watching

Do you want to know more about Trademark Watching?

Would you like more information about trademark monitoring? Would you like to know what the possibilities are for online brand protection? Send this form and our legal team will contact you within 24 hours for more information about options and costs. Of course, you can also call: +31 20 8204000

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