Swapfiets case

Can you register a blue tire as a trademark?


Sometimes you get lucky, and you are asked to consult on protecting an exceptional brand: the Swapfiets blue front tire.

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Merkregistratie Swapfiets

Book Gala Case

Can the Boekenbal be protected as a trademark?


Although the words Boekenbal (Dutch Book Gala) and Boekenweekgeschenk are descriptive,  and therefore difficult to register as a trademark, Chiever nevertheless succeeded in protecting these trademarks.

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Merkregistratie Boekenbal

The five most frequently asked questions about trademark registration

How quickly can Chiever request a trademark registration for me?
You can apply for trademark registration within a day and, if necessary, within a few hours. If we have all the data (trademark, holder, statement of products and services), we can process the application immediately. The timing of the application then determines the ranking of your protection. We guide you through the process, take care of formalities and monitor deadlines. The official administrative process until final registration usually takes at least a few months. However, the protection date is guaranteed by filing the application. Nobody can intervene after that.
What do I need to provide to register my trademark?
To register your trademark correctly, we need to know how you will use the trademark and design or layout. You also need to indicate for which products or services you will be using the brand, both now and in the future, and in which countries or regions. Last but not least, we need the name, legal form and Chamber of Commerce number of the trademark owner.
Is research before registration mandatory?
Research into older brands that are similar is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it. Finding out at a later stage that somebody else owns preceding rights for a similar trademark on the same products or services could cause a lot of trouble and costs. Sometimes there’s no other choice than to change your brand. Trademark research provides advanced insight into any risks.
If my trademark already exists, will my registration be refused?
No, the trademark offices in Europe do not have the authority to refuse a trademark because a similar trademark already exists. However, the owner of an older, similar trademark could object to an opposition procedure. We will advise and assist you in defending your trademark should an opposition be filed against your new registration.
Can you also register my trademark internationally?
Yes, Chiever can register trademarks anywhere in the world. In Europe and most industrialised countries, we can guide you through the procedure from A to Z. In several other countries, we have an extensive network of agents.
Trademark protection

Do you want to register a trademark immediately?

Do you want to protect a trademark? Send this form, and our legal team will contact you within 24 hours with information about the possibilities, the procedure and the costs of trademark registration. Of course, you can also call: +31 20 8204000

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