The 10 most frequently asked questions about Trademark Registration

Why register a trademark?

A trademark is only protected against fraudulent use if you have registered it. Without trademark registration, you cannot do anything about a competitor using a trademark similar to yours. Moreover, you create value by registering your trademark.

Do I have to do research before applying for a registration?

Research into older similar brands is not mandatory, but we strongly recommend it. If at a later stage, it turns out that someone else owns earlier rights to a similar trademark for the same products or services, this can cause a lot of grief (and costs). Sometimes there may not be any other option than looking for a new trademark. A trademark search gives you prior insight into possible risks.

What are the costs of trademark registration?

The costs of trademark registration consist of the government charges and Chiever’s fee. To give you an idea: trademark registration in the Benelux will cost approx. €800 – €900 giving you a ten-year trademark protection.  Protection within Europe (27 countries) for ten years is a one-off cost of approximately €1,600. Costs can increase if the trademark has to be registered for many different products and services. But if you qualify for a subsidy costs can also be lower. We are happy to provide a tailor-made budget for costs outside Europe.

Does a trademark registration need to be renewed?

Trademark registration is valid for ten years. You will receive a message from us asking whether you want to renew your trademark registration well in advance ofregistration expiry. We also provide an overview of the costs. If you want, we can extend the trademark registration for a new period of 10 years.

What goods and services classes are there for trademark registration?

When registering a trademark, you should always let us know the type  of products and services you want your trademark protected. Is it for a snack, is it an insurance company or do you sell furniture, this is required information with every registration. If you pass this on to us, we will provide the correct description during registration and arrange the correct classification. If the trademark needs protection for many different products or services, then you need several classes of goods and services, and the costs are a bit higher.

Can a logo be registered?

As well as registering word marks for you we can also register logos or figurative marks. If you use a logo, we highly recommended that it is protected in addition to your word mark. This prevents the competition from using the same design. In order to register a logo, we need a good jpg image.

Advantages of registering your trademark

The advantages of trademark registration are clear:

Trademark registration provides security. You can prevent the competition from getting too close. It also has a pre-emptive effect: if the competitor sees your trademark registration in the (public) register, he will think twice about hovering around. Finally, you also create value with a trademark registration: if you ever sell your company or the trademark, potential buyers are always interested in the protection of your brands.

Voordelen van merkregistrati

Swapfiets case

Can you register a blue tire as a trademark?


Sometimes you get lucky, and you are asked to consult on protecting an exceptional brand: the Swapfiets blue front tire.

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Merkregistratie Swapfiets

Book Gala Case

Can the Boekenbal be protected as a trademark?


Although the words Boekenbal (Dutch Book Gala) and Boekenweekgeschenk are descriptive,  and therefore difficult to register as a trademark, Chiever nevertheless succeeded in protecting these trademarks.

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Merkregistratie Boekenbal
Trademark protection

Do you want to register a trademark immediately?

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