Many types of trademarks

This broad definition results in a wide variety of trademarks being found in the registers: words, logos, labels, sounds, animations, colors, packaging shapes, and so on. In this context, we will focus on the most common type of trademark: the word mark.

Name comes first

When developing a new product or service, the question of what name to give it usually arises early on. Only after the brand name is established do other types of trademarks come into play, such as logos, slogans, designs, and colors.

Word Mark

Registering a word mark

Once the decision about the brand name has been made – and to prevent any issues, this should only happen after thorough legal research – it is time to register the brand name as a word mark. The word mark is actually the most important type of mark associated with a product or service. Why is the protection of the word mark so important?

Brand name for the entire lifespan

In most cases, a word mark remains constant in the communication surrounding a product or service. Logos, design elements, slogans may change over the years to adapt to the times, but the name of the product usually remains the same. Registering a word mark often provides protection for the entire lifespan of a product or service.

Word Mark Logo

Broad protection

Registering a word mark also provides the broadest protection. You can take action against anyone in the same industry who uses a mark that is similar to the registered mark, regardless of any design elements the other party may use. The example shown here illustrates this: the owner of the word mark “Moritz” can take action without issue against another party using “Mo’Rice” with a specific design and additional elements.

Start with word mark registration

In summary, it’s not surprising that most registered marks are word marks. Therefore, make sure to timely and properly register the word mark for every new product or service. It is a valuable asset for the entire lifespan of a product or service.

Word mark Moritz Morice
Word mark

A question about registering your word mark?

Would you like to discuss how to best protect your word mark? Do you need advice on choosing your word mark? Chiever can provide you with guidance and assistance.

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