February 2018. Computer giant Apple continues to insist it has exclusive rights to apples. In December, it filed an opposition in the United States to an application by Red Apple Interactive Pharmacy to register a logo featuring an apple.

Iphone at the pharmacy?

Obviously it’s only sensible for Apple to try and protect its iconic logo. After all, if it let the market become saturated with apple trademarks, this would weaken the strength of its own Apple logo. Nevertheless, the company may be going a bit far. Are the two trademarks really confusingly similar? Well, maybe a little, since they’re both apples. But more important is the fact that the pharmacy chain is operating in a totally different sector. So where’s the clash?

Would anyone really think this pharmacy sells iPhones?


The US trademark register records that opposition proceedings were suspended in January after the two parties entered into negotiations. Surely Red Apple isn’t going to withdraw its application in return for a payout?

Apple has a long history of challenging rival apple and pear-shaped trademarks

Bas Kist