Trademark refused Chiever says…
Mystifying: ING has applied to re-register its POSTBANK word mark but it’s been refused. Distinctiveness acquired in the past? See page 3
Mocro Maffia A word mark application for books and other items by CMB publishers. Refused in the Benelux because it’s descriptive for books. The EUIPO would probably refuse ‘Mafia’ because it is contrary to public morality.
A great domain name (overhemd = shirt), but you can forget trademark protection for a name like this – even with the logo. Correctly refused, we think.
Putting an ‘i’ in front of a descriptive name (makelaar = broker) won’t generally get you anywhere these days. Nor will the addition of a ‘roof’ element. The right outcome for this broker’s application.
Even an orange tyre won’t get this tyre expert through the door. Although we think it could have turned out differently.