Cool Brands logo on the left, HyFlyers logo on the right

Blind horse

It seems that initially, LIV and the HyFlyers team didn’t fully recognize the problem. Do those brands look alike? Surely not? Only after Cool Brands brought the matter to court in New Jersey did the golf organization relent and change its logo. It’s still striking that it had to go that far: even a blind horse sees double when confronted with these clothing brands.

Left the prohibited mark, right the new logo

New logo

Meanwhile, I see on their website that the HyFlyers have a new logo. It’s decently done, I would say: there’s enough distance from the Cool Brands logo, but due to the triangular shape and the H element, it still remains somewhat close to the prohibited logo.

LIV Golf
From left to right the logo of LIV Golf, the stripes of adidas and the stylized L that LIV also wants to register separately


LIV Golf was also briefly in the news last year due to alleged trademark infringement: in 2023, sportswear brand adidas filed opposition in the US against several trademark registration applications by LIV for a stylized L, which the golf organization also uses as a separate brand. The issue lies in the stripes: in the LIV brand, like adidas, a number of parallel stripes are used. I can understand adidas’s objections: put this L on a bag or on clothing and it does evoke a slight adidas feel. At least for me.

Bas Kist


Banner imaga via Shutterstock (L.E.MORMILE)