And recently, on October 19, 2023, Hasbro strung a new victim on its sword: the Monstropoly brand. A relatively easy victory for the trademark owner of Monopoly, because in this case the name not only ends in Opoly, but also begins with the letters Mon, so then you get very close. Exit European trademark registration Monstropoly.

Globopoly Sexopoly Monstropoly Saufopoly Pokeropoly
Monstropoly added to long list of banned …Opoly games


Tip: stay away from -Opoly

The obvious tip for any creative game maker, be it board games or other games: stay away from the exit -Opoly with your choice of brand. Because then you are bound to go wrong and end up in the long line of stranded brands, among games like, Opoly, Clubopoly, Coffee’Opoly, Carbonopoly.

Drinkopoly Monopoly


However, there is still one brand that is holding out remarkably long in its fight with Monopoly: the board game Drinkopoly, still available in stores for the time being. That Monopoly has not yet brought this hitchhiker to its knees has to do with a complicated procedural bump created by Brexit. Too technical to explain here, but assume that soon Drinkopoly will also be in the brand graveyard. After all, Hasbro does have a monopoly on Monopoly.

Bas Kist