December 2019. Chiever’s growing presence on social media channels has increasingly prompted us to think about adopting an icon: in other words, an instantly recognisable logo or device mark which is suitable for use as a profile on, say, Instagram. 

Not easy

This proved quite a challenge: we needed a device mark that was as simple as possible, with a clear link to trademark protection. We got there in the end, and we’re delighted with the result. The final design is a small shield in orange, one of our house style colours. It now appears in our logo in the spot where you’d normally see the ® (registered) symbol.

Letterheads / social media

The icon also features at the top-right of our letter paper as a form of ‘clip art’. On social media, it appears against a purple background, making it both easy to use and recognisable as a profile. Chiever can now get down to work on ensuring that the new icon becomes a strong and distinctive trademark.

Instagram and letter paper