Runaway Hairdryer

You can hear the sound mark Porsche filed via digital file with the European trademark office EUIPO here:


Well, that’s a little less exciting and droning than the patato-patato-patato of a real Harley:


The electric Porsche is more reminiscent of a runaway hair dryer. Then again, these are different times.

Not distinctive

That the sound mark registration was refused by the European Trademarks Office is, of course, not because it sounds like a hair dryer, but because the sound is not distinctive, according to EUIPO. According to EUIPO, the sound mark contains no “striking or memorable elements,” it simply depicts a fast accelerating electric car.

Porsche Harley Davidson

Acquired distinctiveness?

So for now, no sound mark registration for Porsche. I believe I am in agreement. But could this sound perhaps one day – like the Harley’s distinctive roar – acquire distinctiveness by use? That the sound becomes so familiar that when you hear it you don’t think “Hey, turn off that hair dryer,” but rather “Hey, here comes another Porsche tearing up”? I wonder. Anyway, miracles are not yet out of the world. Recently, Elon Musk also managed to establish a simple X as a brand.

Bas Kist