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There are incredibly many brands consisting solely of the letter X (in various special designs or not), which have been registered for products or services similar* to the services of Twitter/X. A global check results in over 3,000 registrations. In the US alone, there are 587 brands, and in the European Union, I count 980. Many of these brands, due to their significantly different design, will not pose a problem for Musk’s X. However, the chance seems high that there are also some brands scattered here and there that could be a serious obstacle for Musk.

X Musk
A small selection of registered European X trademarks.


Microsoft and Meta

Perhaps the most striking are the US registrations of Microsoft (a wordmark X from 2003), Meta Platforms (an device mark registration X from 2019), and Comcast (a stylized X from 2019). What would these tech giants think of Musk’s new X brand?

X logo
Trademark registrations of Microsoft (2003), Comcast (2019), and Meta Platforms (2019).



Be that as it may: the likelihood seems high that in the coming time (years?), there will be quite a bit of bickering, whether it concerns the three aforementioned brands or one or more of the other hundreds of X brands. The threat can certainly come from many directions.

Bas Kist


* Trademark research in classes 9, 35, 38, 41, 42, 45