Apple Blaadje Apple Blaadje


Apple has filed oppositions¬† against the above marks with the European Trademark Office in recent years (some successful, but certainly not all). Some cases are still pending. So Apple’s main concern seems to be the combination of the image of an apple with a leaf.

European trademark filing rejected in 2014: extremely elemental and simple

Leaf loose failed

Of course, Apple would have preferred a monopoly on that leaf loose from the apple as well. Indeed, they also tried in vain in 2012. In 2014, the trademark registration of the leaf was refused by the Board of Appeal of the European Trademarks Office. According to the Board, this leaf is an “extremely elemental” and “simple” sign, which has no distinctive character. You don’t get a registration for that. And so, in its defense, Apple must make do with its complete logo: the registration of the apple with the leaf.

Bas Kist