International expansion

The three Haaland trademarks were applied for in the Norwegian trademark register on February 24, 2023. But, of course, Haaland’s commercial activities are not limited to his native Norway, so the footballer will undoubtedly, within six months – i.e. before August 24, 2023 – expand internationally. That date is relevant because until then, Haaland can invoke the priority of the Norwegian trademarks in new international applications. All international registrations made within six months will also get February 24th, 2023, as the application date. So if anyone has immediate plans to register the Erling Haaland trademark somewhere in Europe: don’t do it; with his right of priority, Haaland will soon catch up with you.

Erling Haaland merkregistraties
The first 3 Haaland trademark registrations: signature, name and pose


677 trademark registrations for Manchester United

WTR’s research reveals even more interesting facts. For example, Manchester United has the most extensive trademark portfolio of all clubs worldwide, with no fewer than 677 active trademark registrations. A little behind follows Tottenham Hotspur with 589, Barcelona with 503, Chelsea with 491, and Real Madrid with 454 registrations. The only Dutch club that emerges is Ajax, with 21 trademark registrations.

Manchester United



A look at the register sometimes also gives us a glimpse into the depositor’s private life. For example, the Norwegian register shows that the footballer’s full name is Erling Braut Haaland. An intriguing name, Braut. Google Translate tells us it means “Good” in Norwegian.


In itself, it is still striking that a superstar like Haaland, who has been causing an international furore for at least three years and for whom Real Madrid is willing to spend more than €200 million, is only now in 2023 registering his name as a trademark. You could say that an agenda item like ‘register a trademark‘ pops up as a priority for every football agent or manager whose pupil makes his international breakthrough. But not in this case. There are still some gains to be made.

Bas Kist