No personal name

The ladies have been at odds with each other for years. It may seem like a dispute between two women who happen to have almost the same name, which they both use for clothing. However, Katy Perry’s real name is Katherine Hudson, and the Australian lady’s name turns out to be Katie Taylor. In short, it’s not directly a battle over a personal name, but rather a trademark conflict.

Katie Taylor is proud of her trademark triumph against Katy Perry (photo


Not to be used for clothing

In trademark law, the principle of “first come, first served” applies. According to the court, Katie Taylor was the first to register the name Katie Perry for clothing in 2009. She possesses the oldest rights. The “real” Katy Perry is therefore not allowed to use her name for clothing in Australia, and her company, Kitty Purry, must even pay damages to Katie Taylor for using the name for merchandise clothing during her Australian tour of a few years ago. Katy Perry has appealed the ruling

Bas Kist