Confusion? But a car is not a gaming computer, right? That’s correct, but it’s all closer related than you might think, according to Mercedes. The automaker argues that the Mercedes brand is now also known for its growing connections with software and (gaming) computer brands. For example, Mercedes is developing software for self-driving cars in collaboration with the software company NVIDIA. The company also has sponsorship relationships with video game manufacturers, featuring Mercedes cars and the star logo. All in all, this could be confusing for consumers, according to Mercedes.

Lenovo Legion



But even if there were no risk of confusion, Mercedes still stands by its objections to the Lenovo brand. The use of such a similar star logo – even for different products – would result in a decrease and dilution of the protection scope of our well-known Mercedes logo, says Mercedes.


Difficult to predict

It’s difficult to predict which way this will go. This concerns American (trademark) law, which is structured differently from European law. But from a European perspective, I would say that the risk of confusion might be a stretch. The connection between a computer and a car seems somewhat far-fetched.

Mixed outcome

And the risk of dilution? Does the Mercedes brand lose strength due to the use of a somewhat similar mark for a computer? It’s possible, considering the Mercedes star is globally recognized. However, on the other hand, the Legion logo is still somewhat distinct. The points of the star point in a different direction, they puncture a thicker circle, and the logo is primarily used together with the word “Legion.” I think I’ll opt for a somewhat cautious 50-50 estimation: it could go either way.

Bas Kist