Different names, one logo

Just Eat, active in 25 countries, operates internationally under various brand names. The company is called Thuisbezorgd in the Netherlands, Lieferando in Germany and Grubhub in the US, which is the company that Just Eat took over in 2020. However, all countries use the same well-known orange logo with a house and a knife and fork.

Just Eat Home Chef Logo


Shortly after introducing this logo in the US, supermarket Kroger objected, stating a risk of confusion with the older Home Chef logo. In an attempt to stay ahead of the game, Just Eat then started its own lawsuit, asking the judge to declare that there was no trademark infringement.

Just Eat Thuisbezorgd

Infringement Just Eat

It looks like Just Eat will eat dirt after all. Judge Jeffrey Cummings says there are only “minor stylistic differences” between the trademarks, and confusion lurks. Because the American trademark
office had already concluded that the trademarks are too similar, the Court will likely adopt Cummings’ advice. Following that, we are sure Kroger is willing to make a nice deal.

Bas Kist