Trademark registration Europe

Do you use your trademark not only in the Benelux but also in other European countries? Then it is necessary to register the trademark as a European trademark as well. A European trademark registration is valid in all 27 EU countries. Chiever is an expert in this field and can not only arrange the registration for you, but can also advise you on the possibility of trademark searches and trademark monitoring.

Trademark search in Europe

Before registering your trademark in Europe, it is wise to conduct trademark searches to make sure there are no obstacles. If another company has previously registered a similar mark in Europe, they may be able to oppose the registration of a new, similar mark.

Trademark registration Europe

Trademark registration

To give your trademark the most comprehensive protection in Europe, we first need some information about exactly how you use the trademark, for which products and in which countries, now and in the future. Once we have this information, we can advise you on the best way to register your trademark.


After Chiever has filed a European trademark application for your mark, the registration procedure begins and the mark is published after 1-2 months. Companies with prior rights then are given a 3-month period to object (opposition). After that, the trademark is registered and you have protection for 10 years throughout the EU (27 countries). A registration procedure without opposition generally takes about 5-6 months.

Trademark Protection Europe

What does a European trademark registration cost?

The cost of a trademark registration in Europe depends on the number of goods and services for which you want to register the trademark. Globally you can expect total costs somewhere between € 1,800 and € 2,200. This will then protect the trademark for 10 years in 27 countries. It is very important to know that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may be eligible for subsidies for a European trademark registration, which can amount to € 1,000. We are happy to provide you with more information.

Trademark watching

After trademark registration, it is also important to watch the trademark. Using advanced software, we can scan all trademark registers worldwide on a daily basis for new trademarks that infringe on your rights. If a similar trademark is filed, we will notify you immediately. We will advise you on the steps to take and help you address the infringement.

Trademark Watching Europe
Trademark registration
Register your trademark in Europe?

Chiever arranges optimal protection for your trademarks at the European level and ensures that you can enter the market safely.

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