Most difficult letter

The most challenging letter was probably the Sandisk D, causing the most problems:


Correct answers

Below you will find the correct answers. Because there were many correct entries, we had to draw lots again this year. The winner has been notified and can redeem a Dinner-for-Two voucher worth €100.



A: PlayStation B: Barbie C: Chiever
D: SanDisk E: De’Longhi F: Salesforce
G: Getir H: TAG Heuer I: Gillette
J: JBL K: Croky L: Lime
M: Goldman Sachs N: Elan O: Toffifee
P: Peugeot Q: Quacker R: Rapha
S: Gorillas T: Accenture U: Hyundai (Motor Company)
V: YvesSaintLaurent W: WeTransfer X: American Express
Y: PayPal Z: Zalando