According to the Turkish trademark office, there’s a risk that the public will confuse Black Tallboss with Red Bull, which has a similar design. But, remarkably enough, in this case, the trademark office mainly focused on the design of the can and not on the words Black Tallboss which are also part of the application.

Black Tallboss
The can of Black Boss infringes on Red Bull’s design brand.



It’s good to see that this Red Bull trademark registration is now paying off, and it can be regarded as an example for companies that market packaging with a specific design.

Red Bull brands

Although Red Bull, unfortunately, hasn’t succeeded in establishing the exclusive right in Europe for the silver-blue colour combination, the company does have many different European trademark registrations, which they use to protect the design of the world-famous can against imitations.

Black Tallboss
Examples of European trademark registrations, which Red Bull uses to protect the design of its can.


Impressive brand portfolio

This is just a small selection of the impressive European brand portfolio (we counted 136 registrations and applications), which Red Bull has built up over the years around the Red Bull brand.

Bas Kist


Source: WTR / Gün + Partners