Back to basic

Looking at the ten logos in a row, you notice that the new design resembles the original logo the company started with back in 1919: 100 years later, and it’s back to basics.

Logo Citroën
Citroën’s logo through the years


Trademark application Citroën 2020

Of course, these changes do not happen overnight. A check in the European trademark register shows that Citroën already applied for trademark protection on December 17, 2020 (at least, visually very close, perhaps the design changed slightly after that?).

Nieuw logo Citroën
On the left the updated logo, on the right the European trademark application from 2020



It will be interesting to see how Citroen will now use the logo in practice on cars. The new design requires a significant adjustment of the grill. Keep your eyes open for the first Citroën new style on the road.

Bas Kist