In June, lawyers acting for ex-Beatle Paul McCartney halted an auction in Gloucestershire, England, which was about to sell off some drawings McCartney had made.

The drawings are of mice and were done in 1973, when McCartney was performing with his band Wings. With the help of artist Eric Wylam, the drawings were made into an animated film which was never publicly screened.

Rights held by McCartney
McCartney objected when Wylam’s daughter decided to auction both the film and the drawings, which have been in her family’s possession for nearly 40 years. Eric Wylam himself died in 1997. McCartney claims that he owns the copyrights to the drawings and hadn’t known that they and the film were held by the family.

GBP 25,000
The auction house has responded by withdrawing the items, which had been expected to fetch around GBP 25,000 each.